Let your clothes do the talking

What we wear tell people more about us on both conscious and subconscious levels than we can ever imagine. There is a reason why branding and image creating are thriving industries, since one might have a heart of gold complimented with the greatest ideas and best intention – but sadly, if what you wear does not reflect at least some part of who you are, not many people will stick around long enough to find out more about you. Remember: what we wear – our clothes, have a secret language of their own.

In life, generally, we are an extension of someone or something. We are a direct representation and reflection of our parents, partners, family members and employers; hence generally inappropriate attire can potentially harm the reputation of you and the people in your inner circle. However, good and elegant style will tell the right story about you and the people who surround you. A well-dressed person is automatically perceived as hard-working, trustworthy and successful.

If two people with the exact same qualification are interviewed, but one is dressed impeccably top-to-toe and the other one has a creased shirt, dirty shoes, overgrown haircut and a poorly fitted suit – it’s a no-brainer as to which person is more likely to get the job. The impeccable candidate will be seen to possess all of the great qualities listed above, because he or she took the time to present themselves effectively, proving that the job was important to them and that they will represent the company well. Whereas the less prepared candidate could be perceived as lazy – as if one can’t spend the time to iron their shirt or clean their shoes, potentially applying the same low standards to other aspects of their life.

Elegant, tasteful and smart attire adds value to our image. The clothes we wear, our choice of manicure, hair style, and shoes are such personal choices – if you make these choices correctly, they will effectively convey your high standards to all around you. People will regard you as a refined and polished individual, which could potentially land you that dream job with an extra zero at the end of the annual salary.

One of the most important rules I follow blindly is – dressing like you’re already there. Whatever your ambition is – you need to dress like this goal is already achieved and you’re living the life you set up to obtain. The power of visualisation will provide you with perpetual motion which will propel you to anywhere you wish to be. You can’t become that person the minute you get the job, promotion or social status. If the people providing the opportunity and helping you to get there can’t see the end goal – your vision, this might result in a very lengthy process of proving to people you’ve got what it takes.

Written by:
Anastasia Martel

Anastasia Martel

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