Anastasia Martel Etiquette, founded in the heart of Yorkshire, offers inspiring private and group courses in the expansive world of British, Continental, Social and Business Etiquette. Covering all aspects of Fine Dining, Afternoon Tea and Protocols. Our aim is to instil confidence, knowledge of respected traditions and help master the rules of modern etiquette. 

Inspired and trained by Marii Boucher at the Sisi Elisabeth Austrian Higher School of Etiquette, Anastasia continued her education and became a certified Etiquette Consultant at The International Association of Professions (IAP) Chicago, USA. The strong belief that Britain is the epitome of good manners led her to The British School of Etiquette in Mayfair, London. She was trained by the honourable Philip Sykes, founder and principal of The British School of Etiquette. Anastasia is a member of Protocol and Diplomacy International and the Protocol Officers Association.

A career in STEM, BSc in Molecular Biology, a degree in Business Studies and over 9 years of experience working at BMW and MINI provided me with the momentum which propelled me to the mindset of never compromising and aiming to be at the forefront of the renaissance of good manners, kindness and respect.’

You can find Anastasia’s monthly column on etiquette and good manners in Aspire Essex magazine.

Anastasia Martel