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I have mentioned before, I was never one to know what I truly want. Since day one, I knew what I didn’t want. Over the past few years, I have observed a phenomenon of investing and excelling at (what at first sight seems like pointless) endeavours, which led me right to where I need to be.

I guess I have always been perplexed by the frivolousness of life’s predictability and preferred not knowing for sure how everything will work out. I always felt that having a high level of predictability in anything is like watching slowly eroding shorelines. Doesn’t particularly ring an endorsement for an exciting life. More like The Twilight Zone.

Over the years, this almost ideological perception emphatically crystallised into a maverick spirit, propelling me into the unknown. And there I went.

I’ve been working a lot for a long time, and for the past few months, I felt cradled by this overwhelming feeling of achievement. When I first started my science degree, I never thought of it as anything more than lockdown induced, boredom-borne escapism, the utopian resurrection of the good old high school days.

I have started this year with a new vocation, which at the risk of sounding banal, feels like something that will have a very significant effect on my life. It is certainly not a life I have planned for myself, but it’s mine. And really, I think like who I’m becoming. All it took was patience.

Written by:
Anastasia Martel

Anastasia Martel

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